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Top 8 basic Reasons Why a small home in Bangkok makes us happy

Posted by KC on May 1, 2020
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Most people dream of more space. They move into a bigger home in Bangkok or houses and apartment for rent. Sometimes because they really need more space. And sometimes to reward themselves for their arduous job or to impress themselves and others.

With their new home they hope for a bigger life, more chances, freedom and happiness. They hope for a life that is bigger, more beautiful and better and gives them the satisfaction that will finally free and fulfill them.

A big home in Bangkok with garden, sun terrace and pool is the place where peace, tranquility and love seem to be at home.

But what if this is not so? What if we work towards it all our life and in the end realize that everything is different? What if it is easier and we don’t need the bigger space?

Several advantages why an apartment for rent in a smaller home in Bangkok makes us happier:

Less cost & Less fear

1. Less cost. With less rent/credit, electricity and maintenance we have to earn less money, which means we tend to work less. We have more time and money for experiences and our own goals.

2. Less fear. The less money we need to live, the more fear and worries decrease. Even in the worst case, a small home can be kept longer or resold more easily with an apartment for rent.

More freedom & More closeness

3. Inner freedom. The more we own, the more it owns us. It demands our energy, can make us dependent and enslave us.

4. More closeness with an apartment for rent. Perhaps many people increase their living space to avoid exactly that. But the more closeness we feel in our apartment for rent, the more we feel loved. Closeness creates security, cohesion, fun, and joy. Instead of enlarging the living space, it is better to beautify and lovingly design the living interior.

More Security & Quality

5. More security. Every flower, every piece of furniture and every square centimetre needs love and care to survive. With less space and objects in the house, there is more love to give to our partner and children.

6. Quality time with the family. With less fear, there is more time to enjoy. We can experience being together with the family instead of constantly brooding and feeling trapped in our heads because work calls to pay off the house.

Less effort & More clarity

7. Less effort in cleaning. Less dusting, mopping the floor, cleaning windows and bathrooms. There is more time for the really important things in life.

8. More clarity with a home in Bangkok. The bigger the home in Bangkok, the more room for ballast and clutter. Putting bits and pieces aside unconsciously creates an inner restlessness in us. The less material things we have, the better our focus. It frees our thoughts, helps us to think more clearly and to be more structured.

As long as we wait for a bigger house or something external to make us happy, we will never be happy. No thing from outside can really make us happy or complete us.

Expectations create disappointment. Chasing something external that is supposed to make us happy is the death trap for personal development.

The secret to long lasting happiness is to be happy today. We ourselves are already enough and everything that comes from outside is an additional blessing.

We are blessed the moment we understand that we already are.

How long do we have left?

It is not death that most people fear. It is the fear of realizing that you have never really lived. The book “From Good to Great” gives courage to come out of your comfort zone, strength to overcome fears and helps to rediscover the beauty of life.



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