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Posted by KC on July 21, 2021
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                              Let’s take a look new home with mask on!

We cannot even say Covid-19 affect to some people or some businesses. The effect of Covid-19 attack to everyone and every businesses around the world. On this point, we would like to mention the real estate investment in Bangkok 2021 in this pandemic time (covid-19). 

How we can focus to invest on the real estate in Bangkok? Most of the people are really afraid to invest in the real estate or properties right now because we never know what will going to happen or when this pandemic will be over. If we invest when we will get back the return. Or if we invest on something in the real estate, how much revenue we will get back.

We would like to explain you some points of view why you have to buy the properties in Covid-19 situation? Is it so risk to spend money on this pandemic time?


What the interesting thing you will get when you decide to buy the properties in Bangkok is “The Under Market Price”. Yes, it is correct. You can buy the properties under market price which mean the buyer can get 40-50% off. Of course, the investor have to realize about when they can get the revenue or return. Once you invest something under market price, you can rent or lease them cheap in the crisis or this pandemic time and then you can adjust rental to the normal price when the situation come back to the normal. But the point is you will earn the profit around 10-20% in the pocket already. In next 5 years if you want to sell it again, you can exactly sell more than what you bought at the beginning. So we have some interesting properties in Bangkok to represent you and of course it is under market price in the prime location of Bangkok.

The First one is the popular buildings that a lot of families are looking for rent. This is Millennium Residence Condominium which is located in Sukhumvit area or Asoke area. The unit that we proudly show you there is 146 Sq.M. 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on high floor. Actual market price is 180,000 THB per Sq.M. or 26 MB (Million Baht) but this unit is 154,109 THB per Sq.M. or 22.5 MB (Million Baht). The under market price of this unit is really interesting to consider for investment.


The next one we proudly present Empire Place Condominium which is located in one of the most popular area in Sathorn. Empire Place Condominium have several types in the project like simplex or duplex. It depends on your life style what kind of condominium you like to stay. This unit it is simplex, 100 Sq.M. 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, selling on 13.5MB or 135,000 THB per Sq.M. Why this unit is under market price because most of the unit here it is selling around 150,000 – 170,000 THB per Sq.M. or it is around 14.5 – 17 MB.




So, these properties are example that we want you to see that you already earned some profit in the pocket once you decide to buy the property for investment in Bangkok, especially in this pandemic time or covid-19 crisis. You will get the interesting properties and good price which mean 40-50% off or under market price.


If you want to contact us for viewing the properties, please do not hesitate to call or email us here


  • Call: +66(0)96-945-8392
  • Email:
  • Line: @leth

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